Marketing Services

Kozzi-happy-business-people-pointing-on-the-computer-1674 X 1254Need a writer? Learn about our services and take a look at our blog and writing samples.

How about campaign or program management?

Let’s say you need someone who can manage integrated, multi-faceted demand generation programs, campaigns and website and product launches.

Whatever marketing service it is, either the founder, K.T., or a SMARTNET associate has done it before. It takes experience and a keen ability to see the big picture in order to analyze your current process and then refine it to save time and money.

If you need web development or content…

Nomenclature, navigation, user experience, SEO and content. They’re all significant.  But, “if you build it, they will come,” just doesn’t work in the wide world of the web.

Our web development vendor can offer solutions for luring prospects to your site and enticing them to dive into the content and take action. You can work with the smartNET full-service web technology vendor to provide you with everything from usability studies and web research to application design and content strategy. Want to work instead with your in-house team? Can do.

How about design or videography… 

Logos, corporate identity, new look and feel, or corporate templates…

Considerations of how something will look on the web have morphed into considerations of how it will be presented on a mobile device. Together, we can work with our full-service e-marketing design group or videographer, providing everything from photography and video to printing and html coding. Or we can hire a free-lance designer or layout artist, and manage the printing ourselves. It depends entirely on your needs, objectives, and budget.