#No Blurred Lines in writing says Weird Al


Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke


Here’s a hilarious video parody on Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines by Weird Al Yankovic that makes a point about today’s use of English.

As a writer and editor, I typically don’t scan. I read. Every word. The style and rhythm of prose or poetry are part of the joy of reading for me. And, as do most writers, there are a few words that I can’t help but stumble over when I read them. And I’m jus’ saying’ — it breaks my rhythm.

And you’d be surprised how many people in the high tech corporate world make one or more of these errors. To the point, two of them are the difference between “to” and “too.. And sometimes the number “two”, too. But that would make three I guess.

Try this book!

Try this book!

These peeps often use a contraction when they should be using the possessive form. Or they make other mistakes.  And it’s not their fault. (Maybe it’s their teachers’). Sometimes they’re just writing so fast that they don’t notice the mistake is there. You know who you are. You’re always in a hurry to get your writing finished. Writing isn’t your thing.  For you, it’s a common mistake to use its when it’s proper to use it’s as its contraction instead. Or you just don’t know the difference. Or (horrors!) you just don’t care. I’m just sayin’. It’s a contraction, after all, not the possessive. That’s why there’s an apostrophe. It’s a simple rule: it you’re omitting a letter, it’s replaced by the apostrophe.

But here’s the one that takes me to the height of my patience — or lack thereof — and it’s not the written word.  It’s pronouncing height as if it was spelled heighth — it gives me an almost visceral reaction. Extreme? Yup. But it’s just a quirk of most writers. I’m just sayin’, us word nerds should unite. And if you’re not a word nerd, try some of these sites: Grammar GirlGrammarly, and for nominal yearly subscriptions, Associated Press, and Chicago Manual of Style (GMS), which has a trial 30-day subscription. My personal faves are the last two. I’m jus’ sayin’. You could become a word nerd, too and wear the title like a badge of honor. What about you? Do you have any writing pet peeves?

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