Grab —and Keep Your Customers’ Attention

Short attention or bad content? Not as philosophical as Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” but still… What will grab (and retain) the attention and loyalty of your customers? (or mine, for that matter. :))

I was looking for stats on the attention span of the average web browser (now THERE’S a homonym for you –”web browser”) and found a variety of answers. But the bottom line is that the length of attention span for humans has shrunk. Centuries ago folks traveled miles (and stayed) to hear an orator speak for hours —and now people web surf, on smartphones and tablets, not just computers–at an average of 8-90 seconds per URL or page.

But if the intent, passion, and compelling content (and it doesn’t have to be all three of those) are there, won’t peeps spend several minutes on a website or article, (even if they are speed reading/scanning)?

In any case, your marketing content needs to strongly represent your brand. BUT that means website content has to start with headings that grab the reader in concise, pertinent language, relative to THEIR pain point, not YOUR offering. Not your features, not why you’re better than the competition, but what you can do to solve your target customers’ business issues.

Who do you think?

Who do you think?

Maybe Steve Jobs (whether you like him or not) says it better in this tried-and-true, oldies-but-goodies video where he describes how important it is to convey core values (I don’t know whether he intended the pun).

I’d love to hear what you think.

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