Four Motivators to “Share” Via Social Media. What Are Yours?

These reasons often overlap, but the four key motivating factors for sharing information, photos, videos, or anything via social media are knowledge, reward, ego, and passion.*

1. Knowledge: You’re the person in the know and want to share that knowledge. You’re often a subject matter expert (SME) and share information about products you’ve reviewed or used. You sometimes “check in” via Foursquare or Facebook because you want to make folks aware of important events, seminars, or training or you clue in your friends so they know about a great restaurant. You’re at least an influencer and maybe even an evangelist.

2. Reward: You love free products and discounts or you like acknowledgement. You may be big on contests or you offer to review products in exchange for their use or a discount. You might be an evangelist but it’s more likely you’re an influencer.

3. Ego: You share because you want people to be impressed. You check in because you want to people to know you’re out and about, that you go to the finest restaurants, that you’re a world traveler.

4. Passion: You’re passionate about something and you want to share that passion. You’re often an evangelist. You share your photos, videos, checkins and other information because you’re generous of spirit and you simply want to spread the joy.

I find my reasons overlap. How about you?

*Market Motive

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  1. Finn says:

    How did atorneys pertain to gain soo much incomes and eminence?

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